5 reasons Silent Disco is the MOST fun you can have.

Silent Bob,December 12th, 2018

Take our word for it, silent disco is just about the most fun you can have standing up! But if you’re still not convinced, check out our top 5 reasons why silent disco is the perfect party night out.


  • You don’t have to talk to anyone OR you can talk to everyone easily.


Silent disco gives you the best of both worlds. Maybe you’re an introvert or maybe you’ve just had a long day at the office and you aren’t feeling very sociable. No problems, just chuck on your headset and transport yourself to a place where it’s just you and your music with no expectations to make conversation about the music/club/people around you. Conversely, if you do actually want to talk to someone, all you have to do is remove your headset and you can talk at a normal volume without having to shout over a deafening club.


  • There are multiple channels to choose from


Find yourself going mad listening to another Ed Sheeran remix or Despacito for the 20th time? At a silent disco you’re in charge of what you listen to. Don’t like one channel? You have another one to pick from! This means you can keep everyone happy and playlist gripes to a minimum. If you’re taking part in one of our tours then you will be limited to one channel but you will also have a specially created playlist of epic tracks picked by our music loving staff.


  • Lose your inhibitions


There is nothing like blocking out the rest of the world to help you shed your inhibitions. Silent disco is particularly good at helping this process along as it transports you into your own private space where you can sing like Beyonce and dance like Michael. The best part? Everyone else feels the same way so there is zero judgement, whether you’re on the dancefloor or part of the roaming flashmob on one of our tours.


  • It’s great if you have noise restrictions


Got neighbours close by or noise restrictions on your venue? This is a great way to throw a party without the whole neighbourhood knowing about it. It’s also a super cool way to have fun in nature when you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to amplify sound. Want to rave in the forest? No troubles, silent disco technology can make that happen.


  • It’s a great workout


One of our waterfront flash mobs is like doing a tour and an exercise class all in one. We will have you boogie-ing all the way with your hands up and your feet stomping in time. It’s a fun, high energy way to get your cardio in a way that you won’t even notice! Just make sure you wear your boogie shoes so you make it all the way to the end.